Brand Identity

Foodie is a design firm specializing in restaurant advertising. They specialize in enhancing the logos for restaurants to best utilize their specialities and get customers in through design. Ideal clients are high end restaurant owners. The age group range is from mid-twenties to 60 year old entrepreneurs. Foodie focuses on the customers environment, culture, and lifestyle.

Your “company” is a design firm specializing in Restaurant Advertising. Consider what adjectives you would use to describe your design company. Write a brief text document about what your creative goal for this brand is. Consider the following: Who is your ideal client? What age group is your desired audience? What designers influence you? What issues are important to you as a designer / studio. For example you may be focused on any of the following: Environment, Culture, Politics, Civics, Education, History, Economics, etc. Write about what is important to you and how it informs your brand.

Sketch thumbnail drawings for at least 10 ideas for your logo. You must generate a series of “ informal” sketches and notes regarding this project. Post to blog.

Here are a few sketches

Research and find at least 5 examples of personal logos by designers or artists you admire. Post to blog.






Research and write a text document about your brand and write about two design problems that you envision your brand providing a solution for through design.

3. TEXT: MS Word and post to blog a 25-50 word summary of what you want your brand to say about you. List three adjectives you want your identity to embody.

Foodie, the brand, should represent food as a form of art. I want the customers to be aware of the importance of the aesthetics of food. The food industry is a lifestyle and has its own specific culture.

4. TEXT: MS Word and post to blog, two brief (1-3 sentences) thesis statements. Each statement should describe an issue and design problem in the world that you want to provide solutions for though design.

Step 2: Draft (Prototype)

Using your initial sketches, create a single Illustrator art board 11 x 17”, brainstorm as many logo variations as possible (aim for 20). These can be scanned sketches and ideas generated in Illustrator. Next Generate 3 different logos in simple black/white. Replicate them at three different sizes (3” wide, 1” wide, 100 pixels wide).

Solicit feedback from at least 5 different people using the Poll function on your blog as well as in person.

Step 2: Deliverables

1. FILE: 1 or more JPEG files of your 20 logo explorations

2. FILE: 3 JPEG files of your black and white (no greys!) logos at three different sizes posted to your blog.

3. TEXT FILE: write brief notes regarding the feedback on your logos.

Thesis 1: With this project, I want to enhance the way Restaurants advertise themselves through public relations that are strictly focused on getting different ethnicities of food and restaurants out to the public.

Thesis 2: Restaurants in modern days aren’t just houses of food. Now food and the restaurant industry has become a form of art. With this project, I want to focus on how food can be seen as art to a larger audience.



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